Heavy Duty Towing Services In Dallas

Heavy-duty tow trucks are specially designed to provide high-powered towing.  They are equipped with the pulling power to recover large, heavy vehicles such as buses, motor homes, 5th-wheel trailers, cranes, garbage trucks, dump trucks, cement trucks, semi-tractor trailers, and more. Most of these trucks work by lifting the front end of the heavy vehicle or equipment in the air and letting the back tires remain on the ground.

If you need heavy-duty towing services in Dallas TX, there is a company that specializes in various services that offer 24/7 help for vehicle owners.  They offer exemplary assistance even in the most demanding recovery situations such as heavy-duty towing. This reliable company always has on-call emergency staff for emergencies, and they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even on holidays.

Professional Heavy Duty Towing in Dallas TX                                                                         

If you need towing assistance for your large vehicles and heavy equipment, Captain Towing gets the job done efficiently. Their team of experts makes sure that we provide timely, reliable service. They are well-equipped to handle bigger vehicles.

The heavy-duty towing experts in Dallas TX always find a solution for their customers’ various needs.  They provide safe towing services for fire trucks, farming equipment, construction equipment, and more. Their dependable crew members are always ready to respond to your call, and they will be able to send immediate professional help. Aside from heavy-duty towing services, they also deal with other emergency situations. They are capable of dealing with any issue in the most efficient and timely manner possible.  For residents of Dallas, Captain Towing has established a reputation for quality and friendly service.

Other Services

Captain Towing Company in Dallas, TX also provides other services. Check out the list of services that Captain Towing’s dependable and efficient team members provide. On-call emergency assistance includes the following services:

  • 24/7 car towing services
  • Car lockout solutions
  • Battery replacement services
  • Emergency towing services
  • Winching services
  • Long-distance towing
  • Car battery replacement
  • Towing using a flatbed
  • Battery replacement services
  • Removal of broken key from the ignition
  • Battery jumpstarting
  • Flat tire change
  • Battery replacement
  • Wrecker service
  • Out-of-gas services
  • Tow dolly services
  • Car accident removal
  • Trunk opening

Their well-trained crew performs all these services excellently and professionally.  The company makes sure that the team member that performs the service is well-equipped, experienced, and knowledgeable.

Heavy-Duty Towing Services You Can Trust

Since the company has established a reputation of reliability and dependability, there have been word-of-mouth recommendations from satisfied customers in the Dallas area.  If you need heavy-duty towing services, just call their hotline number and a helpful team member is guaranteed to respond, every time, even late at night or in the wee hours of the morning. One of their team members will be dispatched to provide emergency towing services. They will get to the reported location at the soonest possible time. Their heavy-duty tow trucks are specially equipped with under-reach and wheel-lift technology to accommodate large, heavy vehicles.

We know that your vehicle is a highly valuable asset and you rely on it to work properly to get your job done. The service team will assist you with any situation you encounter and will make sure that your vehicle is safely towed. They can assist you with any issue from accident recovery, to emergency roadside assistance, or even long-distance transport.

The Best Towing Services in Dallas

Most emergency situations are vulnerable and worrisome times for vehicle owners. It is especially daunting if it is a large vehicle that needs heavy-duty towing. You need a company that you can trust to help you in this nerve-wracking situation.  Captain Towing has excellent technicians who will take action quickly. A team member who works for a 24-hour towing company not only should be capable and knowledgeable, but they should also know how to explain the situation to the vehicle owner in the best way possible. An integral part of customer service is clearly explaining the situation to a distressed vehicle owner. A lot of patience and hard work are needed to get the job done and to give the client peace of mind. A technician should also be equipped with a variety of skills, so they should be well-trained and flexible.

Captain Towing values exemplary customer service, and this dedication is very evident in the way the Captain Towing crew treats their customers. They also have reasonable rates that will not put a huge dent on your finances. They accept cash and credit card payments. You will surely get your money’s worth.

Whether you heavy-duty towing or other services, you can rely on Captain Towing. They are just a phone call away. To get the latest updates, you can also follow them on Twitter or like their Facebook page.


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